Tuesday, April 21, 2009


our 'aswan-luxor trip'.. ended!.

actually, its began since 5pm last thursday until we arrived at 2.00 am last night, at Alexandria..

AlhamduliLLaah! Firstly, see da pics, ya!

tumbuh2an di tebing sungai Nil! membentuk NAMA ! do' eh..joke jer
(kat bilik Kapten.. @ captain's cabin.. thanks !)
(afar.. Aswan's New Bridge)
(di tengah2 sungai Nil, kami ditinggalkan..)
(makam tokoh Abbas Mahmoud L Aqqad)
(@ Aswan Dam)
(UnFinished Obelisk, Aswan)
(banana fields, Nile River to Luxor)
(Karnak temple signboard, Luxor: xsempat nok gi ..)
(di  @ Kom-Ombo)

aswan-luxor trip.. telah selesai diziarah, sejak 5pm khamis lalu dan sampai jam 2.00 pagi tadi, di Alexandria.. AlhamduliLLaah!
1st Day: Alex. to Aswan (via sleepingtrain coach): after 20hrs.. visit UnFinished Obelisk, Old n New Aswan Dam, near it got Kalabsha Temple, sail with Felluca on Nile River, Papyrus Shoppe, and.. Al Fayed Perfumes Shops.
2nd Day: Motorboat via Nile River to Nubian Village, cross d likely 'waterfalls/Shallalat, Nature's Mahmiya.. at Noon: Sailing to Kom Ombo, arrive at night.. visit the temple., sailing to Edfu at midnight, arrive at 6am in.. Surprise!/1kejutan!, sambil belayar petang tu, kami di pelawa oleh Kapten Kapal Cruise, Mr .X.? utk minum teh/teatime bersama beliau di luar bilik kabin drebar kapal, waktu tu pun dah hampir nak maghrib, then dia ajak sama kami solat berjamaah pulak..
3rd Day-visit Edfu temple riding Horse Carriage about 2km., then sailing to Luxor, stop at Esna Reservoirs.. waiting turn to cross the small path..
Arrive Luxor at 5pm (when.. (2nd surprise/kejutan ke-2) we are do not have any visits because of 'mistake from travel company when they book our trip's entrance fees as Egyptian local rate but it's not approved by the antiquity department, by the way the travel company then refused to pay our ticket fees as foreign rate!) so.. what can we do? just stay in cruise and at night, go to Luxor town with another carriage .. visiting old and new bazaar, have tea drink.. and back to our cruise! Never mind!!!, enjoy it!..
But: Actually we're lucky because although the problem occur from the first day, as our Guide (Mr Mahmoud Esnawy) said when the manager of cruise have a message from our travel company that we will enter all the historic sites with local rate fees already paid by travel co., but the historic site cannot accept it because we are foreigner although we have visa, and iqamah, also ID's.. but the manager want us to enjoy the trip first for the first day and will tell us the problem later after we finished the KomOmbo visits, the manager and our guide said they paid our fees as foreigner from their own money (in their pocket)!!! as our guide tells us, what's very baiknya org2 Aswan ni! Tak sangka, walaupun our manager company travel co. yg anjur the trip don't want (enggan bayar utk kami, bayaran tiket - ikut harga foreigner) yg dah kami ziarah di Aswan semalamnya), ada lagi org2 yg baik2 sanggup belanja kami ! jgn. sangka semua org berperangai x elok, kena adil menilai! so really our trip ni amat bertuah, pertama perjalanan return drpd Alex. dikira percuma sehingga Aswan-Luxor, then kedua, bayaran entrance fees (kadar pelancong asing) at Aswan yg dah dilakukan semalamnya pun sudi dibayarkan oleh ManagerCruise -Mr Abbas dan our Guide, as he said,  so.. Thanks3x! Kan, rezeki tu namanya.. Macam dlm drama pulak ya..
4th day- After breakfast, kami pun make our 'own trip' arranged by ourselves, take a taxi to Luxor temple, take photo outside the site's wall / fence! Take a 'lance' / motorboat to cross to Western Bank of Luxor city where we take another 6-seater taxi to go to Valley of the Kings (here is tombs of Pharaohs inside a mountain!) take photo near the site's signboard, then go to Alabaster stone shops, next, to Queen Hatshepsut's temple, (again) .. have photo in front of it, going to Habu temple! take another photos, lastly stop at Memnon Closse, it is a big statue in front of a wheat fields.. symbol of.. ? and we going back to our ferry/cruise.. do not worry n be happy, nothing to lost!
At 1pm the train to Alexandria moving, and arrive at Sidi Gaber station on 1.31 am.. take taxi to Mandara and have a tidor nyenyaks..

Syukran AlhamduliLlah! selamat pergi dan balik..


  1. salamm bro.. sonoknyerr jalan-jalannns.. tapi maner pameran khat itewww

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  3. untuk menguploadkan gamba2 tu, sabaw yer



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